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Arizona photographers like myself don't come across snowy winter weddings very often, and when we do, they most certainly aren't full-on blizzards! But the lovely Jalene prayed for a snowy wedding day and the universe must love her dearly because boy, did she get it! Jalene and Mike's ceremony just outside of Flagstaff landed a whopping eight inches of snow that day, and even though there was worry that the highways would close or that it was too cold to be outside, Jalene and Mike were so so thrilled to be married that nothing in the world could stop their happiness.

So, in spite of the single digit temperatures and raging snowy winds, these two soulmates has a beautiful, loving ceremony, snow falling on their faces as they said their vows. It was one of the most magical things that I'd ever been a part of. And did I mention they had an Airstream coffee bar too? because that was pretty killer. The next day, we just had to keep making the most of the beautiful weather so we headed to the Grand Canyon for a bridal session along the snowy cliffs. It was so so beautiful, it doesn't seem real! These two were some of the sweetest folks I've had the pleasure of photographing and even though they ventured here from Northern California, I truly hope I meet them again some day!

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