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Backyard weddings are my favorite! This wedding in Scottsdale was such a rocking party at a gorgeous home! Lindsay’s parents have been working day and night for the last two months since they bought their home to make it perfect for her big day and you could see all of the effort they put in. From the gorgeous, green yard and beautiful altar, to the hand-placed grazing table by Lindsay’s aunt, to the hundreds and hundreds of homemade desserts made by Grandma, the amount of love from this family was truly immeasurable. Lindsay and Gio shared a beautiful, heartfelt ceremony together and followed up with a crazy dance party. And when I say crazy, I mean crazy. Every single guest hit the dance floor at some point, especially Grandma, and she rocked it. I mean one time, I looked over at the dance floor and both Lindsay and Gio were being thrown in the air by their guests, great big smiles on their face. It was truly a day to remember! A big thank you to Charlotte Ruth for being an awesome second shooter! Enjoy!

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