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I’ve always been advised against photographing couples for free but I really think that there are some occasions worth breaking the rules for. Maria and Kurt’s situation definitely felt that way for me. These two got married last November and paid a photographer and videographer to capture their wedding like most folks do, but after their wedding, their photographer disappeared without a trace, never giving them the images and video they were waiting for. After months of waiting to hear back, they finally tracked him down to find out he had lost every single one of their photos! They were heartbroken and upset and now, they didn’t have any tangible moments from their big day. When I saw Maria’s story in a Texas brides group on Facebook, I reached out and offered her a free bridal session to make up for all that she’s lost. Even though I know it will never replace those memories, I hoped I could give her a few images to cherish and keep forever. These are some of the images we were able to capture in downtown Houston! Enjoy!


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