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Oh my goodness, this wedding was a dream! I second shot this wedding with Nicole Daacke at the Sugarbush Resort in Vermont! Tiffany and Alex planned to get married at the top of the ski slope and have all of their guests take the ski lift up and enjoy their ceremony overlooking the mountains of Vermont. Stunning, right? So, when I woke up in Boston that morning to crackling thunder and pouring rain, I was nervous and disappointed for these two and their big day. As I drove up to Vermont, the sky was practically clear and the weather was shaping up to be absolutely perfect! So, when the planner told Tiffany that they just couldn’t hold the wedding in the mountains anymore because of the threat of rain and the lack of shelter, we were all a little disappointed. But, Tiffany took it like a champ because all she wanted was to marry Alex, no matter where it was. The sky became increasingly clear and by the ceremony, I couldn’t believe that they refused to let her have it on the mountaintop like she wanted! But then, just as Tiffany began walking down the aisle, clouds appears out of nowhere and it began to sprinkle. Then, within a minute of starting the ceremony, it was pouring rain, so much so that guests were running for cover, with Tiffany and Alex not far behind them. 100 people gathered underneath the porch of the ski resort, unsure of what to do next when Tiffany shouted “Can we just do it here?!” laughing with a huge smile on her face. Everyone clapped and cheered and they had their whole ceremony underneath the porch, even down to the candle lighting, which a brave groomsman had run out into the rain to retrieve. They were surrounded closely by all of the their favorite people as rain poured heavily down the side of the roof. And then, as the bride and groom shared their first kiss, the sky miraculously cleared (I kid you not, it was AS THEY KISSED!) and a huge rainbow came across the sky. Tiffany laughed and cheered, overjoyed at this wild turn of events. She looked at Alex and said “Remember when I said I wanted to get married under a waterfall? Well, I guess it was meant to be!” Within 30 minutes, we were out taking their portraits and splashing through puddles to make some fun images for these two troopers. It was one of the most memorable weddings I’ve ever been a part of! Enjoy!

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