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When I booked Ilya and Alex’s wedding in Santa Fe, I knew that David and I couldn’t get that close to Colorado without going to visit our favorite state so we turned it into a road trip! After our two days in Santa Fe for the elopement, we headed north to Telluride, stopping at Mesa Verde National Park on the way! We fell in love with the beautiful mountains of Telluride during our short time there and spent every second soaking in the quiet moments in this gorgeous town. After that, we headed out to Moab for our last night and we hit Black Canyon of the Gunnison, Arches and Canyonlands National Parks on our way! We had so much fun exploring all of these beautiful parks and seeing how much natural diversity exists in such a small area! It was truly wonderful to get to take in these day together before my busy season begins in a few weeks! Enjoy!

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