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I posted my travel plans for Georgia in a girls travel group and I was looking for a couple to model for me for a quick session in downtown Savannah and didn’t expect much of it. But, when Amber saw my plans, she was ecstatic and messaged me, hoping she and Alex could volunteer. I was so so excited! I let them know that my only available time was the morning of the 27th (preferably sunrise) and she said “Don’t worry, we will make it work” . We made plans to meet at 6 AM sharp out at the beautiful Forsyth Park in the middle of the city and they arrived right on time, all dolled up and ready to go. After introducing myself and chatting with them a bit, they revealed to me that they had flown in from their home in Minnesota to Atlanta last night and gotten in around midnight. They hopped in the rental car, drove overnight to Savannah, freshened up in the car, grabbed and bite and came to meet me. Needless to say, I was blown away and so honored that I was worth their sleep! As it turns out, these two were visiting Savannah to tour wedding venues and they picked the most beautiful place in the outskirts of the city. And we had so much fun that I’ll be flying back to Savannah next October to photograph it! I’m so happy that we crossed paths! Enjoy!

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