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For my last session in Savannah, I got to connect with Chaliss and Josh! Here’s the funny story about how I connected with these two! Two years ago, I found Chaliss on Instagram when she posted a photo getting a gown at my favorite bridal shop (J Bridal) in Tucson! I reached out to say hey and see if she needed a wedding photographer, and she let me know she was getting married across the country and was just visiting to get a dress, but she would love to model for me if I ever needed someone! Then, for the next two years, I would visit Georgia and she would visit Arizona and we could never find the time to meet up! But finally, on this trip, I got to meet up with Chaliss and Josh and we had the most fun with this bridal session at Forsyth Park! My second photographer from Amber and Alex’s wedding joined us because she knows Chaliss and Josh too and we seriously had so much fun! After the session was over, we headed to a bar near the water and just hung out all evening! I love all of the wonderful connections and new friends this job brings me! Enjoy!

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