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Lorrie and Kyle met at the gym where Kyle was a coach. Before they ever even started talking, all of Lorrie’s friends knew him as “hot coach #1" — lol! That playfulness and fun is still going strong years later, and I had an amazing time with them as we celebrated their engagement with an adventurous Horseshoe Bend slot canyon photoshoot.

This session was the first I did for a new session package offering that I have for full and half-day "adventure" sessions that involve hiking, climbing, kayaking, off-roading, and other outdoor adventures! It's a great option for outdoorsy, adventurous couples that want their engagement session to be memorable and unique.

Awe & Adventure at a Horseshoe Bend Slot Canyon

For their session, Lorrie and Kyle wanted to take advantage of the beautiful scenery in Page, Arizona, including the iconic Horseshoe Bend slot canyons. I wanted to make Lorrie and Kyle’s session into a full day experience that they'd remember forever! So I created the engagement session itinerary, researched locations, and found an accessible, off-the-beaten-path Horseshoe Bend slot canyon that we could use for the session.

We used my car to off-road out to the location and started the two-mile hike. It was so cool to see the cliff sides rising up around us as we entered the canyon! We knew it would be epic, but none of us realized just how striking this Horseshoe Bend slot canyon would be up close. It felt like a once-in-a-lifetime moment.

I’m so happy for Kyle and Lorrie, and I’m so glad I got to be part of making their dream engagement session come true! If you’re interested in crafting your own adventure, check out my wedding and engagement photography packages, and let’s start dreaming about what kind of day we could create together!

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