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While visiting Georgia for Melania and Patrick’s wedding, I wanted to pack my time in the southeast with additional sessions and really make the most of the beautiful scenery. I’d heard wonderful things about Savannah and so I decided to take an extra day and drive the four hours out from Atlanta for a couple’s session I had planned with a model! Unfortunately, a few hours before our session, something came up and the model was no longer available. I was very disappointed but she connected with a few friends who might be interested! One of which was Jessica! Jessica received my message and was so excited to get some photos taken with her husband, Kyle. She told me they both had work all day but would get off as early as possible, rush home and meet me at Tybee Beach for the session. I was so thankful for their willingness to make it work and it ended up being so so perfect! Jessica told me that she and Kyle are both military and are deploying next week to different continents for up to a year and that this session was going to be so special because it was the last time they would be together for a while. So, even though it was a bumpy road to get to our session, it could not have been better. Everything happens for a reason! Enjoy!

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