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The majority of my engagement sessions are for my wedding clients! So we have usually met at least once, spent some time getting to know each other and plan out all the details for their session. So, for the most part, I know what to expect. However, every now and again, I have the opportunity to work with some amazing couple's whose wedding I will not be a part of or who have travelled to Tucson just to get some lovely images in our unique desert.

Hannah and Reston are getting married in the Midwest though they are both Tucsonans at heart so they decided to take their engagement photos up in beautiful Mount Lemmon at sunset. Despite not having too much contact prior to their session, they showed up in the most perfect photo attire and were some of the most lovely models for the photos. These two had the posing, smiling and laughing down. They didn't even need me! It was such a joy to get to photograph their engagement session I wish them the happiest wedding!

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